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Clients who are faced with long-term care costs, paying for such care and how to age gracefully have numerous options available to consider.  Medicaid planning allows you to protect your family’s assets and minimize the financial cost of long-term care.

Medicaid rules are complex and ever changing.  Nevertheless, it is possible to plan for long-term care needs in advance or at the crisis stage, and in many cases preserve some, if not most, of the wealth you have accumulated during your lifetime.

We offer counseling, guidance and assistance to families by identifying the strategies that are available to select from based on the family’s unique situation.  We develop a comprehensive plan for each family to achieve that family’s specific stated goals and we navigate each family through the application and qualification process.

Our firm has the experience and expertise to assist your family with its unique needs and to offer a customized planning process to meet the family’s specific circumstances and goals using recognized and Medicaid-compliant strategies.  Although Federal law is consistent, each state has different Medicaid laws.  We currently assist clients in Indiana with Medicaid counseling, pre-planning, crisis planning and qualification.

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