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Estate Administration

Estate Administration is the legal process of settling an estate.  Formal estate administration, sometimes referred to as probate, is the process that must be followed to pass an inheritance to those persons or entities who are entitled to the property.  Formal estate administration requires the appointment of a Personal Representative/Executor/Administrator, appointed by the Court to administer the estate.  Small estate administration allows a responsible person to administer the estate without resort to court and the formal appointment of a Personal Representative/Executor/Administrator. We counsel Personal Representatives, Executors, Administrators, Trustees, and beneficiaries on the process and procedures required to settle estate and trust administration matters and tax-related matters concerning an estate or trust.  We assist families with the prompt resolution of matters during an emotional and often stressful time. Our firm has the experience and expertise to assist your family with thoughtful counseling to provide practical estate and trust administration guidance in a timely and cost-effective manner.  Each state has different laws governing estate administration and trust administration procedures.  We are able to assist clients in Indiana, Michigan and Florida with estate and trust administration services.

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