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Rates and Billing

The subject of fees is something that we understand is important to every client. Therefore, we
are very candid about this subject regardless of the work involved.

Estate planning is individualistic and customized to your needs and desires. No two clients are
the same and, consequently, no two estate plans are alike. After gathering preliminary
information and learning your goals, we can generally provide you with an estimate of the
expected fees so that you may make an informed decision about whether you wish to continue
with the estate planning process. Most, but not all, estate plans are done for a fixed fee which
will be communicated to you.

For all other services offered by our firm, the work is performed at the attorney’s hourly rate,
which will be communicated to you depending on the type of work that is being done. We are an
economically competitive firm. We believe we offer exceptional value for our services, and we
pride ourselves in achieving excellent results for our clients. We are not a general practice law
firm. We are a specialized law firm with dedicated and accomplished professionals who focus on
specific areas of the law. We are knowledgeable and competent professionals who have elected
to zealously serve and advocate for our clients.