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Guardianships may be temporary or permanent and restricted or limited.

A Guardianship may be appropriate if you have a loved one who is not making wise or rational decisions and who has not created any of the following documents:
• Durable Power of Attorney;
• Advance Directives (healthcare power of attorney or healthcare proxies); or
• a Trust.

If you have a loved one who is making unwise choices and does not appear capable of caring for his or her finances or personal matters, a guardianship is one alternative available to ensure his or her safety.

A Guardian may be appointed when a court determines that a person is unable to properly care for himself or herself by reason of:
• mental illness;
• intellectual disability;
• physical incapacity.

Guardianship discussions typically raise questions in the following companion areas:

• Estate Planning
• Estate Administration / Trust Administration
• Asset Preservation (Medicaid planning)
• Veteran’s Benefits
• Elder Law

Our firm has the experience and expertise to assist your family with the alternatives available when faced with a situation involving a loved one who may need assistance with decision-making matters.  We currently assist clients with Indiana guardianship services.

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