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Ashlie Collier, Attorney


Born and raised in a small farm town in Northern Indiana, Ashlie has a heart for helping the community in which she grew up by providing strong legal advocacy to the people and businesses of this area.

Ashlie received her undergraduate degree in Psychology with a minor in Christian Counseling from Liberty University, went on to earn her law degree from Notre Dame Law School in South Bend, IN and is a certified fellow of the Indiana Conference for Legal Education Opportunity.

Before Ashlie became a lawyer, she worked in various advocacy roles for children with cognitive disabilities in both specialized treatment clinics and area schools. Ashlie has a real passion for making the law accessible to all people, recognizing that adequate legal counsel is difficult to attain by those who may be disadvantaged socially or economically. She has a heart for family and pours her abilities into assisting families walk through the legal processes of estate planning and overseeing the estate administration process after a loved one’s passing.

Ashlie also has a passion for small businesses and the entrepreneurial spirit and likes to translate her legal skills into helping people take the American dream of business ownership into a reality. Ashlie also participated in the Notre Dame Intellectual Property Pro Bono clinic and has served in intellectual property matters for business in our community. Other interesting areas of the law that she enjoys are not-for-profit law and entertainment law.

Ashlie and her husband Cody are active in their church community, have three children, two dogs, and reside in Elkhart County, Indiana.